ZH-100 Cartoning Machine


ZH-100 Cartoning Machine ZH-100 Cartoning Machine:

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ZH-100 cartoning machine is the latest product developed by our company for packing product or sachets inside cartons which are formed automatically by the machine. It has advantages of small size, small weight, wide application, high efficiency. It can meet GMP standards of food and medicine industries.


ZH-100 cartoning machine can pack granular product, powdery products and sachets into cartons with certain size. It’s suitable for packing food, industrial product like detergent powder, pet food, and agricultural products.


Main Motor Power: 1.5KW
Conveyor Motor Power: 0.37KW
Max Speed: 100 cartons/min
Machine Size: 5500×3000×2100mm
Machine Weight: 1200Kg
Carton Size:
Max, L80×W30×H160mm
Min, L200×W80×H300mm
Noise: <85db
Total Power Consumption:15Kw


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