TXR-XH Large Format


TXR-XH Large Format

The TXR-XH was developed for the X-ray inspection of large products, including shipping cases, large bags and other oversize products. With an inspection size of over 25 inches wide x 19 inches high, the TXR-XH series will accommodate even the largest products, whether you’re inspecting a 50 pound bag of pet food or a bulk packed case of walnuts. Find an entire range of contaminants with the TXR-XH, from stainless steel to glass to stones. Pair with our high speed, heavy duty rejection tables to create a fully-automated end-of-line final safety check for your products. And like all Techik X-ray models, the TXR-XH operates on the Windows platform and can save every scanned product image for the ultimate in traceability and product safety.


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