TXR-C Series Low Energy


TXR-C Series Low Energy

The TXR-C Series are a lower energy, economical option for customers who require all of the benefits of using an X-ray inspection system but do not necessarily require the most demanding levels of sensitivity. But don’t let the name fool you—the TXR-C Series still offers incredible sensitivity levels—find stainless steel as small as 0.5mm and also detect non-metal contaminants including stone, glass and other dense items. And, the TXR-C Series systems will shield metal used in packages, such as found in metal cans or foil lids, enabling for complete product inspection. If you require product inspection, but you cannot use metal detection due to having foil pouches, a high salt or high moisture content product, then consider the TXR-C series. You will benefit from all of the advantages of our TXR series, including image logs and exceptional sensitivity, but at a price point that is refreshingly economical and within your budget.



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