Steam Generator For Labeling Machine


Steam Generator For Labeling Machine

Product Description :

Product Introduction :

The water is fed into the series of whole automatic electrical heating generator by high pressure potential vortex pump made of copper with short water-supply time and durable service a floating ball for liquid level is fixed in the water tank to automatically control the water inlet .working system is all automatically controlled after connecting the water supply and power supple for 5 minutes orso ,it can output the steam continuously with high working efficiency.



Technical Parameter :

Model SLM-1200
Input Power Supply 3 380V
Input Power 18KW/24KW/36KW
Steam Pressure 0.25-0.4Mpa
Vapor Generation 24kg/h; 36kg/h;48kg/h
External Dimension L600mm x W550mm x H1200mm
Weight 96Kg







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