Semi Automatic Self Defence Spray Aerosol Filling Machine Bov


Semi Automatic Self Defence Spray Aerosol Filling Machine Bov

Product description

1 This semi automatic / manual bag on valve aerosol filling machine is specifically designed for bag on vavle aerosol products filling.
2 There are two heads seated on the working table, the first head combines the function of vacuumizing, prppellant filling and criimping, more economic propellants are optional for customer such as N2, Co2, Ar or even comperssed air. The second head is aiming to charge the liquid material into bag through the valve, since material is insolated into bag and will not touch propellant.
3 This machine is widely used for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other bag on valve products manufacturing. And there is no any limitration about water base, oil base or alcohol based liquid.
Why BoV Packaging is Superior to Traditional Aerosols

To many consumers that enter a supermarket on a daily bases, the quality of an aerosol can may just be another concern that goes overlooked. However, to the industry buyers and manufacturers, an aerosol can can be the difference between an average product and a premium product.

The superior Bag on Valve (BoV) system is developed to not only produce a superior spray dispensing system, but to reduce our ecological footprint through a sustainable packaging process. Compared to traditional aerosol spray technology, BoV aerosols have several benefits for manufacturers, consumers and the environment.

The Standard B.O.V. uses only air or nitrogen to compress the B.O.V. system within the container so it will spray. 

Technical Parameters

Liquid Filling UPH600-800cans/h
Gas Filling UPH800-1200cans/h
Liquid Filling precision≤±1%
Gas Filling precision≤±0.03MPa
Available valve

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