High speed fully automatic rotary pad printing machine suitable for printing up to three colors on top face of closures.



  • Fully Automatic
  • High Speed
  • Precise Registration

80+ Winmaxx machines installed as of 31st August, 2017 in more than 11 countries.


In India, all bottle cap manufacturers for soft drink and water caps having SACMI compression moulding machines have our Winmaxx machines installed.


Why is pad printing better than dry offset printing for top face of caps?

Superior appearance :

  • Ink deposition in pad printing is much higher than dry offset printing. Therefore, when printing dark colored caps or black caps, dry offset printing is particularly problematic. Dry offset printed white colour artwork on dark caps appears very faint. Furthermore, in dry offset when printing other colours artwork on dark colored caps, it becomes necessary to print and UV cure a circular white patch before printing other colours. Higher deposition in pad printing enables better quality graphics to be printed without white circular patch.
  • In dry offset printing, the image transfer is dependent of the pressure between the blanket cylinder and the cap. Therefore, the printed image at times is distorted and not a true representation of the artwork. Also, it become necessary to increase font sizes to make it legible. On the other hand, pad printing process can print very small letters without distortion.

Increased rub resistance :

As ink deposition is higher in pad printing, the printing will last longer and even if it is subject to several rubbings. On the other hand, in dry offset printing, since the ink deposition is very low, the printing is not able to withstand several rubbings and it may become necessary to overprint the dry offset printed cap with a varnish to protect the printing.

Quick Change over :

Change over time is high in dry offset printing as colour to colour registration takes time, typically 3 hours. In pad printing, all you should do is change the cliché roller and inks, the registration is by touch screen operating servo motors. The changeover time in pad printing is 10-15 minutes.



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