Precision Water Treatment Filter Cleaner


Precision Water Treatment Filter Cleaner

Precision Water Treatment Filter Cleaner is made of stainless steel as a small tank which contains precision filter membrane.

Product Description

Porduct name:Precision Water Treatment Filter Cleaner.

Product Advantages :

1. Customized capacity
The capacity complete depend on the customer demands.
2. Durable material
The material of water treatment plant is SUS 304.The material of ozone mixing tower tank is SUS 316, which is durable.
3. Best RO membrane
The RO membrane is American Hydecnme, which is famous. The RO membrane’s desalting rate can reach 99.9%, removing over 99.9% ions. It has the features of simple structure, convenient operation and high technological level.

Product Introduction :

Working pressure<0.3Mpa
Quantity of filter pole2-12 pieces
Size of filterDiameter 460 mm   Diameter 560 mm

Height 900mm         Height 950mm

(1). Model:                                FSJ

(2). Working pressure:           <0.3Mpa

(3). Flux:                                  1000kg/h-6000kg/h

(4). Quantity of filter pole:       2-12 pieces

(5). Size of filter:                     Diameter 460 mm   Diameter 560 mm

Height 900mm      Height 950mm

Functions Of The Component :

Flow chart of water treatment
Raw water tank—raw water pump—multi-medium filter–active carbon filter –water softner (Sodium Ion Exchanger)—precision filter—RO mainframe(including chemical cleaning device)—ozone generator—finished product water tank
Silica sand filter
It can remove the suspended solids and gluten particles in the water, thus reduce the turbidity of water.
Active carbon filter
It can remove the pigment, smell and a large number of biological organisms in the water
Soften the water.
Sodium ion exchanger
It can remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water, so as to soften the water.
Precision filter
It can ensure that the granularity of the water into reverse osmosis membrane is less than 0.1um.
Reverse Osmosis
The Reverse Osmosis device is an equipment to purify the saline water with the action of pressure difference of semi-permeable membrane. It is called reverse osmosis, as it is counter to natural penetration direction. Difference materials have different osmotic pressures.
The reverse osmosis can remove more than 97% of the soluble salt and above 99% of the colloid, microorganism, particles and organic materials, becoming the best first-choice choice equipment in the engineering of modern purified water, highly purified water and space water (super-purified water). The most highlighted features are low energy consumption, no pollution, simple technique, high-quality water and convenient operation and maintenance.
UV sterilize
It uses the UV to kill some bacteria that may also pass through the reverse osmosis system.
Ozone sterilizer
Some bacteria may not be killed by UV, the sterilizer uses ozone to kill those bacteria.

Water Treatment :

We adopt different equipment to produce pure water, mineral water etc. The main equipment are silica sand filter, active carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, hollow fiber, RO( reverse osmosis), UV sterilizer, precision filter, ozone generator, water tank etc. The treatment capacity is 0.5-50 ton/hour. It can effectively get rid of muddy organic matter, iron, manganese and oxide, filter suspended substance, colloid, remained oxygen of microorganism and some of heavy metal ion in the water, reduce the hardness of the water to make all specifications of the water quality fully meet the state fresh water standard of fresh drink water.


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