Packaging Machines QUADRO Series


Packing Machines QUADRO Series


  • 10 ”color touch screen
  • Stainless Body 
  • Weighing, Screw, Volumetric etc. Ability to work with filling units
  • Servo controlled film movement
  • Servo controlled jaw movement
  • PID controlled heating system
  • Automatic foil centering
  • Motorized unwinding system
  • Foil tensioning system with AC motor control
  • Ability to work with and without photocell
  • Easy access to the machine from any point
  • Easy collar-tube, foil change
  • Working with or without photocell
  • Large electrical cabinet
  • Multi-language option
  • 50 program memory
  • Alarm History
  • Remote access

   Sitting Package



   Pillow Package



    Quadro Package



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