Packaging Machines QUADRO Series M6-400Q


Packaging Machines QUADRO Series M6-400Q:

  • 10” colored touch screen
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Servo controlled foil  motion
  • Servo controlled jaw motion
  • P.I.D control system for heaters
  • Automatic film centering system
  • Automatic unwinding system
  • AC motor controlled dancer system
  • Operates on phptpcell / without photocell
  • Easy accessibility to all parts of the machine
  • Easy-to-change the collar tubes
  • Easy accessibility to the  electric panel
  • Easy film roll loading
  • Multifilingual system supports (English, Arabic, French German etc.)
  • 50 Recipe Memory
  • Alarm History

Internet Connection

Paket Boyu


Bag Length

Max. Rulo Genişliği

Max. Reel with of Packaging Material

Paketleme Hızı

Speed (depends on material type,length)

Elektrik İhtiyacı


Elektrik Supply

Hava İhtiyacı


Comp.Air Supply

Max. Rulo Çapı


Reel inner dia.

Max. iç çap


Max. Reel dia.


700Max.30Pcs./min.3Ph 380v. 6KW300Lt/dak (6bar)Max. 600mm70-77mm



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