Packaging Machines M6 Series


Product Descriptions:

Servo controlled intermittent motion system PLC and Servo System Technology are highly used in a wide range of food and non-food packaging sectors for their precise performance and high accuracy. With the guarantee of the in-bag products safety, our M series are studied and designed carefully to reach the top capacity of what intermittent technology could give.

M series are Adaptable to all types of vertical packaging filling units.



  • 10” colored touch screen
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Servo controlled foil  motion
  • Servo controlled jaw motion
  • P.I.D control system for heaters
  • Automatic film centering system
  • Automatic unwinding system
  • AC motor controlled dancer system
  • Operates on phptpcell / without photocell
  • Easy accessibility to all parts of the machine
  • Easy-to-change the collar tubes
  • Easy accessibility to the  electric panel
  • Easy film roll loading
  • Multifilingual system supports (English, Arabic, French German etc.)
  • 50 Recipe Memory
  • Alarm History
  • Internet Connection


Side View






Front View





M Series Intermittent Model;

Pillow Bags, Gusseted Bags

M-Q Series Intermittent Model;

Quadro Bags, Pillow Bags, Gusseted Bags


Gusseted Bag








Pillow Bag






Quadro Bag



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