Packaging Machines H6 Series


Packing Machines H6 Series



Faster packaging with continuous film flow and jaw up and down movements Motion control system is preferred for high speed and precision in packaging machines.

The H series is designed to package your products precisely and quickly.

It is compatible with various filling systems.




  • 10 ”color touch screen
  • Stainless Body          
  • Weighing, Screw, Volumetric etc. Ability to work with filling units
  • Servo controlled film film movement
  • Servo controlled jaw movement
  • PID controlled heating system
  • Automatic foil centering
  • Motorized unwinding system
  • Foil tensioning system with AC motor control
  • Ability to work with and without photocell
  • Easy access to the machine from any point
  • Easy collar-tube, foil change
  • Large electrical cabinet
  • Multi-language option
  • 50 program memory
  • Alarm History
  • Remote access



Front View         



Side View        




Package Shapes

H series Continuous System Model:

      Pillow Package, Sitting Package

HQ Series Continuous System Model:

      Quadro Package Pillow Package, Sitting Package




    Sitting Package



    Pillow Package



   Quadro Package


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