Mosquito’s Killer Filling Line


This machine adopts a combination of pneumatic control and electric appliance control, and other mechanisms cooperate to act. It is a collection tank machine, a can loading machine, a 6- head / 12- head linear filling machine, a rotary disc vacuum sealing machine, a 5- head / 10- head linear type. Inflator, linear weighing machine, upper nozzle machine, upper lid machine, can unloader and flexible conveyor line are integrated into one set to form a set of circulating water filling line. It is suitable for tanks of various specifications without the need to replace the mold, which solves the problem of changing the mold when changing the shape of different diameter tanks during the production process, which greatly saves time and improves production efficiency. At the same time, the variable frequency control is adopted for the in and out tank conveying lines, which can ensure the in and out tanks are stable and can adjust the conveying speed according to the filling speed; the control cabinet is separated from the host, and the electrical connection between the control cabinet and the host is connected through a safety barrier. The filling line has high efficiency, high precision, safety and reliability, and is an ideal choice for large-scale manufacturers of aerosol products.

Aerosol filling Line


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