Lotion Filling Machine for 28-90oz Bottle


Lotion Filling Machine for 28-90oz Bottle


Product Description :

Products Introduction :

The corrosive liquid packaging line processes bottles less than 1,000ml in voiume with an automatic bottle unscrambler filling machine, rotary capping machine, gluing/self-adhesive labeling machine, the crossive liquid production line is a complete production line that packages and seals cartons.

This fast and efficient bottle packaging machine processes strong acids and bases,bleach, Clorox, and other low viscous and corrosive liquids and applies anti-theft caps.

1 Brief Introduction

1.1  Suitable material: Bleach, acid liquid, 84 disinfectant, gel water,

toilet cleaner, especially used in the liquid filling of strongly corrosion liquid and cosmetics which can’t touch the metal.

1.2  Contact liquid parts are use anticorrosive non-metallic material and

with diving function.

1.3  This Vertical filler is a high-tech filling equipment integrating on the

PLC microcomputer programmable control, and photo electricity transduction pneumatic action.

1.4  The machine suits for the filling of different sizes of vessel may

change the filling sizes within a few minutes. Short filling circle, high production capacity.

1.5  User may choose the filling volume and decide the filling heads per

own production capacity.

1.6  The precision time of the pneumatic valve filling may set to 0.01

second, can make the measurement precision control within ±1%, to decrease unnecessary material loss and enhance the economic efficiency.

1.7  Each filling-head’s measurement may be individually adjusted to

realize the same filling measurement.

1.8  The machine set such function: having counting program of

bottle-feeding, doesn’t fill as there is not bottle or the counting doesn’t attain a predetermined position, can start filling only when the counter records that the bottle number is same as the setting filling number.

1.9  More or less of the filling volume, may initially adjust to the needed

filling volume, then micro adjust, can get the ideal filling measurement precision.

2 Technical Parameter

No.ItemTechnical Data
1Capacity1000BPH for 350ml bottles
2Filling Range50ml-500ml
5Voltage220V 50HZ

3 Main Configuration

1Touch ScreenWEINVEIWTaiwan
4Solenoid ValveSHAKOTaiwan
6Angle Seat ValveBURKERTJointed
7Frequency ConverterSchneiderFrance
10Magnetic switchAIRTACTaiwan


Features :

  1. Only three people(one operator, two assistants)are needed to operate this production line,
  2. Fast and efficient unscrambler suitable for flat and round bottles and easy  to  adjust for size. Fallen bottles will be returned to the elevator and the unscrambler will alert operator to unfilled bottles.
  3. Servo volumetric filling machine is highly precise. Filling nozzles automatically adjust to different bottles and reduce foam.
  4. The rotary capping machine is 100% qualified and rejects dented or broken caps.
  5. The automatic carton opening and sealing machines are easy to operate and speed up production.


Application :




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