Grab Type Carton Wrapping And Packing Machine


Grab Type Carton Wrapping And Packing Machine


The bottles body are tightly clamped by the manipulator (rubber inside for protecting bottles), then exactly place into the opening carton, the cartons go outlet and are transported to the carton sealing machine while the manipulators go up.

Product Description :

Products introduction :

Major characteristics:

Grab Type Carton Wrapping And Packing Machine  is an intelligent fully automatic carton packing machine, controlled by PLC and friendly Human machine interface. With functions such as: Machine automatic stop if lack of bottles, no bottle no packing. Greatly reduce the labor force; it is a nice equipment to be working on the automatic line.


Working process: 

The bottles body are tightly clamped by the manipulator (rubber inside for protecting bottles), then exactly place into the opening carton, the cartons go outlet and are transported to the carton sealing machine while the manipulators go up.

(1) Products are well arranged according to the individual carton packing requirement.

(2) Widely application, suits for various products packed into carton.

(3) For bottles, cases, bags , pails, etc.

Main Technical Specifications :

Carton sizecustomized according to samples
Power source380V ;50HZ
Air source0.6MPa clean and stable compressed air
Production capacity≤ 6 box/min
Air source of grippers≤ 0.2MPa
Machine size5600*1630*2000mm

Main components:

PLC & touch screenSiemens
Contactor & relaysSchneider
Gear motorTaiwan
Asynchronous motorDomestic
Main controllerSchneider
Production line set multiple fault protection and alarm and fault alarm device. All the fault alarm with content in touch screen highlights, prompted the need to solve the main content and measures.





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