GFCK25-G Automatic Bagging Machine


Product Description:

GFCK25-G Automatic Bagging Machine

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This set of packing machine is specially designed for automatic bagging of granular product. It has functions of automatic weighing, bag feeding, filling, bag closing, etc. Automatic palletizing line is also available.

Product Specification / Models:
Bag Size:L(800-1000)×W(450-550)mm

Product:Granular product

Packing Specification:25-50KG

Bagging Speed:8-15 bags/m (varies according to product characters and packing weight)

Ambient Temperature:-10℃~+45℃;

Air Source:0.5~0.7Mpa;

Power Supply:AC380V,50HZ;

Power Consumption:Approx 10KW

Application / Models:
It’s used for automatic bagging of granular product like rice, seeds, pet food, fodder etc.


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