Double Side Stick Labeling Machine (Rotary type)


Double Side Stick Labeling Machine (Rotary type)

Product Description :

Products Introduction :

1,Product Overview:

labeling machine

a) The machine was updated last year, the new rotary model, its stability, reliability, accuracy, durability, scalability, and other older models than in the past with varying degrees of improvement and increased.

b) the aircraft: to close, back, neck three labels can be affixed to glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, bottles; can be attached to an ordinary round, square, flat, partly shaped bottles; quick new bottle changer devices.

c) reasonable structure, small footprint, the surface of a large selection of stainless steel and non-metallic materials. The machine uses a photodetector, with accurate labeling, high precision advantages; while no bottle no labeling, no standard automatic stop standard, automatic detection and other functions. It can be used with inkjet printer, etc. together to achieve continuous and accurate printing of the label.

d) the use of asynchronous motors and worm gear box primary drive, and equipped with electronic control system, so the machine can be used for continuously variable speed control can be performed according to production requirements to adapt to changes in yield, and can ensure the machine safe operation.

e) operating system focus on the machine before the operation box, control circuit uses low-pressure circuit.

f) In order to ensure quality labeling on the bottle label paper as well as specifications and quality requirements and so comply with relevant national standards.

2, Main components of the machine:

a) The main components of the model consists of the following parts, equipment rack, bottle conveying apparatus, the pressure bottle turntable means of propping turntable device, labeling station apparatus, and a host of electrical control systems.

3, labeling principles:

a) arranged in order of the bottles by the conveyor belt into the machine, by the next sub-bottle screw bottle pull a certain distance from the bottle into the bottle star wheel means regularly sent turret, turret there 12 stations, through mechanical transmission settings, and to ensure that the bottle into the card-digit mating star wheel.

b) Each station turret controlled fan gear cam mechanism, the formation of revolution and rotation motion, rotation labeling requirements set in accordance with the law. However, after setting a good law of motion, and then not be able to change.

c) label station components are installed on the periphery of the rotary table, when a predetermined requirement to label the bottles by certain indexing label away. At the same time in the rotary table comes standard sweep assist device, by means of these auxiliary labels affixed to different parts of the full bottle. After treatment in the rotary table a good label, by the bottle on the conveyor belt star reincarnation to continue to the next process.

Technical Parameter :

Capping station12
Capacity(bottles / hr)Max 15000b/h
Bottle diameter(mm)φ30-100
Bottle height(mm)100-350
Bottle materialGlass, plastic, ceramic, metal
Stick label height(mm)10-150
Stick label width(mm)30-120
Stick quantity for each bottle2
Label MaterialCoated paper, plastic, paper, aluminum foil
Reel label backing sheet materialGlassine paper, PET transparent paper
Label tissue paper thickness≥0.05(mm),And labeled paper width direction of better stiffness
Label TypeStickers
Power (KW)4.0
Labeling accuracy±1.5mm
power supply380V/50Hz Three-phase AC
Compressed air pressure0.6Mpa
Device dimensions (mm)3200*2400*1900
Net weight2.3t


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