Brine Water Electrolysis System Low Concentration Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfection


Product Description

Sodium hypochlorite generator is a combined form, by dilute brine gauging cast joined electrolytic tank, through thesilicon controlled rectifier connected to anode and cathode DC power supply electrolytic production of sodium hypochlorite.
1 kg of sodium hypochlorite salt consumption: 4.0-4.2; 4.3-4.5KW.

Sodium Hypochlorite producing line including: Brine purification system, Electrolyzing System and Electric Control System.  The capacity of sodium hypochlorite solution shall be customized (avaliable chlorine content).

1. Brine purification system use chelating resin to remove the Ca2+, Mg2+ and other metal ions in saturated NaCI solution, so that  Ca2+  Mg2+  ion lower than 1ppm.

2. Electrolyzing system includes membrane electrolyzing cell, high level chamber, gas and water separate, storage chamber etc. Chlorine gas and Hydrogen gas shall be separated completely and Hydrogen gas shall be safety discharged in air.

3. Electric control system: PLC Control and touch screen display.



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