Automatic Rotary Cold Glue Paper Labeling Machine


Automatic Rotary Cold Glue Paper Labeling Machine


Product Description :

Automatic Rotary Cold Glue Paper Labeling Machine applies labels on plastic bottles, glass bottles, and metal cylinder-type containers. These machines are normally used in high-volume production lines in pharmacy, food and beverage, cosmetics, and chemical industries. Conventional containers, it can use different types of unrestricted labeling material including paper labels with conventional printing.

Automatic rotary labeling machines are used for maximum reliability and precision, pre-cut paper labels (or Aluminium foils) on either cylindrical or shaped containers made of glass, plastic, or metal.

Machine Features :

Ideal for medicine, food, beverage, and other industries to label containers of different sizes in high-volume production lines for automatic labeling.
Made of stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloys and complies with ISPE regulations for GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice.
Compact and rational design of the main structure and easy maintenance for safe and steady operations.
With multiple safety features and an automatic status protector for an enhanced level of automation.
Adoptive PLC control system to make the whole machine run stably and at high speed
Adoptive touch screen control which makes it very easy to operate

Labeling of bottles of various sizes including round, oval, square, and flat bottles. to start labeling different size bottles, no component needs replacement only a few adjustments is needed.
Adoptive special marking device for flat labeling, with no wrinkles and improved packaging quality
For tags and labels, casein glue or chemical compositive glue is normally used.
Labeling speed, conveying speed, and bottle dividing speed can realize step-less speed regulation and adjust according to need.
Adopting a PLC control system, frequency conversion and touchless sensor ensure automatically and sequentially adjusting the speed for higher accuracy and stability.
The key components used in the machine are imported from the world’s best manufacturers in the world.
The membranous keyboard and the control panel with a graphic screen allow the complete monitoring of the operations through easy to use and friendly interface.
24/7 support from F&N International qualified and trained engineers.

Automatic Rotary Cold Glue Paper Labeling Machine applies to labels on bottles, glass bottles, and metal cylinder-type containers.

ZT08 labeling machines for conventional containers, a high degree of unrestricted.

Labeling material should be paper labels, conventional printing is ok. Tags are available for casein glue or. chemical compositive glue. ZT08 of the key components of all are used by imported original pieces. The size of similar containers and labels, ZT08 does not need replacement parts, only needs a few adjustments to its production.

Main Configuration :

Diameter   of container40—110mm
Material   of labelpaper
Speed   of labeling100bottle/min
GlueWater-soluble glue(cold glue)
Glue   coating waysalong label length directions , every 5 mm, there is a glue road.
Power   situationthree   phase ,380V
Air   resource0.4Mpa   100L/Min
Size   of the machine2400mm×760mm×1200mm



How about the availability of the spare parts?
We will send one year enough easy broken spare parts together with the machines, shipping together. During the warranty time, we will supply the spare parts with our cost including the delivery fees.

How much time is required for installation?
According to your machine’s order, we shall send qualified engineers to your plant, it may take about 10 days to 25 days, depending upon your order and any customization.

Who will be responsible for the installation of the machines?
Our qualified engineers will be responsible for the installation of the machines.

Will you train our staff to operate the machine?
Yes, our qualified engineers will train your staff to operate the machines.

How to install my machine when it arrives at my factory? How much is the cost of installation?
We shall send our engineers to your factory for installation of machines and train your staff how to operate. Customers pay for two-way air tickets, accommodation, and USD80 per person per day as a daily allowance.

When can I get my machine after the payment?
Normally production time is around 30-60days, the exact delivery date will depend upon your order, the machine type, and any customization requirements. The shipping time is based on your destination port.

What is your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?
We manufacture high-quality machines with components manufactured from world-class suppliers. We offer a 1-year guarantee and supply life-long technical support from qualified engineers.

Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and provide you with high-quality machines at a reasonable price. You are welcome to visit our office.


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