Automatic Carton Filling and Packaging Line (LB450-3)


Automatic Carton Filling and Packaging Line (LB450-3)
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Advantages: The packaging line is composed of automatic packaging machines, out of the box machine, automatic packing machines, automatic sealing machine, automatic strapping machine and other components. Bulk materials are packed by automatic packaging machines and then are collected through conveying line, turned and put in order, speeded up, cushioned, put in cartons in order with a certain number, and then flattened by smashing machine. The cartons are then sealed by automatic sealing machine and strapped by strapping machine and finally output by logistic line.

Technical parameters: 
1. Pouch capacity: 120-150PCS / min
2. Pouch weight: 250g at least
3. Boxing manager package is powered by Panasonic servo motor
4. Pneumatic components by SMC, Fes-to high-quality products
5. Electric can be distributed control, touch screen display operation
6. Working Pressure: 5kgf / cm
7. Equipment power: 5KW (depending on configuration)


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