Automatic Big Drum 100L-220L Oil Filling Machine


Automatic Big Drum 100L-220L Oil Filling Machine

This oil filling machine apply gravity type oil filling machine, there are cups inside filling tank and also piston control the filling valve open and closed.


Product Description :


Products Introduction :

Double filling heads,automatic quantitative filling line can produce any specification of 100 to 220ks.It is suitable for big bucket filling of various kinds of viscous,non-viscous,corrosive and non-corrosive liquid.It has

advantages of high precision,high automation,stable running condition,etc.Double speed filling heads is ourcompany’ patent product.High or low speed can be set freely.METTLER TOLEDO sensor made in USA is adopted.All the operations can be finished through touch screen.It is equipped with automatic incoming liquid level control,etc.

Technical Parameter :

No.of headsPCS2
Filling VolumeKG<300
Filling ConsumptionKw2


Application :

Automatic Big Drum 100L-220L Oil Filling Machine

The filling line for the weighing type, according to Customer‘s actual situation, combined with my company’s patented technology and designed into.

The whole filling line by: roller conveyor line (on the barrel), open the lid station, filling station, stamped, pneumatic capping, closing station, power accumulation roller conveyor line, finished barrel combination – four barrel code Into the wood shot (2 × 2 yards bucket platform), power system, pneumatic system, weighing system, anti-drop pumping system, electrical systems and other systems.

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