Automatic Bag Feeding Packaging Machine (GFXP/1)


Product Description:

Automatic Bag Feeding Packaging Machine (GFXP/1)

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Automatic secondary packaging machine units consists of two or more than two automatic packaging machines. It can automatically pack sachets into big bags once time and save labor power, physical resource and financial resources costs. It will be widely used in powder and granular industry such as washing powder, salt, seeds, milk powder.

Product Feature:
1. Main functions: Automatically pack bags that have been finished in the first step into knit bags and then automatically sew them.
2. This machine units consists of horizontal conveyor, double deck acclivitous conveyor, high-speed conveyor, bag arranged machine, knit bags automatic packaging machine, automatic sewing machine and finished bag conveyor.
3. Production flow: Material-the first step packing machine -small sachets product -horizontal conveyor-double deck acclivitous conveyor-high-speed conveyor- bag arranged machine- knit bags automatic packing machine-automatic sewing machine-finished knit bag conveyor.
4. Knit bag automatic packing machine can integrate the functions of automatic bag-caught, bag-opened, count, filling, bag output, and leading-in automatic sewing machine into one.
5. Its operating interface adopts advanced touch screen and is very convenient for operation, specifications switching and maintenance.

Product Specification / Models:
Packing range: 150g-3000g/ bags
Packing material: Plastic knit bags
Speed: 6-10bag/min(big bags) while 60-150bags/min (sachets)
Array shape: Single row, double rows, vertical row
Air source consumption: 0.6~0.8MPa 0.8 m3/min
Power: 5Kw 380V 50Hz.
Application / Models:
Automatic Sachets into Big Bags Packaging Machine.
Other Information:
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