8 Heads Double Row Lubricant Oil Filling Line


8 Heads Double Row Hair Oil Filling Line

Product Description :

Products Introduction :

8 Heads Double Row Oil Filling Line is suitable for weighing, filling and filling of fluid 10kg-25kg. It automatically counts, enters, weighs, fills and delivers bottles. The utility model is especially suitable for the quantitative filling of water agents and lubricating oil, and is an ideal packing machine for viscous fluid industry.
1. The machine uses a programmable controller (PLC), touch screen for operation control, the use of convenience.
2. filling head has weighing and feedback system, can fill the amount of each head filling settings and a single micro adjustment.
3. Photoelectric sensors, proximity switches are used in the original sensor, so that no bucket is not filling, blocking the barrel will automatically shut down and alarm.
4., filling method for diving, to prevent filling impact caused by splashing, anti drip device to prevent material drops, can meet the filling of different characteristics of the material.
5. Machine according to GMP standard requirements of the production, the pipeline connection using quick way, disassembly clean and convenient, and the material contact parts (such as barrels, cut the mouth) are made of titanium steel SUS304 stainless steel Factory warranty and other documents). Equipment in the use of stainless steel materials in addition to the thickness of the equipment outside the surface are not less than 2mm, machine safety, environmental protection, health, beautiful, able to adapt to a variety of different environments

Technical Parameter :

Host size 2000mm×1700mm×2500mm
Filling heads 8 heads
Use bottle type base on the bottle
Barrel neck diameter base on the bottle
Packing specifications 10-25kg
Capacity 700-800bph
Deviation ±0.1%
Main power 3KW
Equipped with gas source 0.55MPa-0.65MPa Clean and stable gas source

Component configuration list:

Item Name Place of Origin Brand Remarks
1 Circuit breaker France Schneider
2 Relay Japan Omron
3 Switching Mode Power Supply Taiwan Meanwell
4 AC contactor France Schneider
5 Reducer China Sanli
6 Solenoid valve Taiwan AirTAC
7 Photoelectric switch Germany Turck
8 PLC Germany Siemens
9 Vacuum component Japan SMC
10 Touch screen Taiwan Weinview
11 Oil-water separator Taiwan AirTAC
12 Contact liquid part stainless steel China material:304
14 Pneumatic fittings Korea Sang-AorEASUN
15 The weighing sensor USA Mettler
16 Weighing instrument Japan







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