3-in-1 Spray Paint Filling Machine


3-in-1 Spray Paint Filling Machine


QGBS series 3-in-1 Spray Paint Filling Machine is an upgrading version of QGB, which combines three heads of liquid Filling, Crimping and Gas Filling, allowing one worker to finish all jobs.

– Liquid Filling Head is used to fill product of liquid into empty and open cans.
– Crimping Head is used to position and close tightly standard 1-inch valves (without actuator) onto filled and open cans coming from product filler.
– Gas Filling Head is to fill propellant gas into crimped cans through valve stem.
Suitable for all typical aerosol products, such as:

air freshener, deodorant, perfume, body spray, fragrance,eau de toilette , toilet spray, disinfection spray;

insecticide, mosquito killer spray, Insect killer,pesticide;

spray paint, color paint spray, snow spray;

pharmaceutical spray,engine cleaner, lubrifiants,detergents,leather spray, hair spray, cosmetic spray, self defence spray, pepper spray, food spray, wound spray, tyre repair spray, mould release spray, furniture spray, anti rust spray, PU foam, fire extinguisher and LPG cartridge.

– Conventional aerosol product with 1″ standard valve.


Technical parameters
Applicable valve1 inch
Crimping diameter26.5-27.5
Crimping height5.0-6.0
Liquid filling precision≤±1%
Propellant filling precision≤±1%
Filling speed800-1200cans/h
Liquid filling volume500ml(can be customized)
Propellant filling volume500ml
Applicable canheight80-315mm
Compressed air Working pressure0.5-0.7MPa
Max. air consumption0.6L/min

3-in-1 Spray Paint Filling Machine
3-in-1 Spray Paint Filling Machine

3-in-1 Spray Paint Filling Machine

3-in-1 Spray Paint Filling Machine


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