10-50kg Automatic Bag Feeding and Packaging Machine (GFCK/50)


Product Description:

10-50kg Automatic Bag Feeding and Packaging Machine (GFCK/50)
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This unit consists of one set of elevator, one set of CJD50K-S25K automatic weighing machine, one set of VFSW1000 bag-feeding packaging machine, one set of automatic sewing machine and one set of conveyor. All works can be done automatically by machine and save labor.

Control system:

PLC and touch screen


Product loading, measuring, bag-picking,bag-opening,filling, sealing and output

Technical parameter :

Measuring weight:10-50kg
Measuring accuracy:0.2%
Bag material:Woven bag
Packing speed:8-15bags per minute
Power:380V /220V/110V 50-60HZ.
Machine weight:1000kg


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